Our Materials

We have chosen our materials very carefully with an emphasis on quality and sustainability. We buy from local businesses wherever possible and are committed to reducing waste.



We only use solid wood to make our frames.  We use beech, ash and oak (all from FSC sustainable sources) which we have selected specifically for both their colour and grain.  Our ash is hand-painted in two coats of acrylic paint to make our black and white frames, the beech is hand-stained to make our dark wood frame, and our oak is hand-waxed for our light wood frame.

Our classic frame moulding (in four finishes) measures 20mm wide to the face and is 32mm deep.



We use Arqadia Conservation Whitecore mountboard in all our frames. All Arqadia Conservation boards fully comply to FATG Conservation level - which means they are acid free with a neutral PH to avoid any damage to the artwork over time. To mount artwork to the mountboard (for float and window mounts) we use conservation hinging techniques and acid-free tape.


For all small and medium frames we use 2mm float glass as standard. For large and extra large frames we use 2mm styrene, this is to keep the frame light and easy to hang.  If you would prefer plastic glass in your frame for safety reasons (for example if the frame is for a child's room) just let us know.   We also offer UV blocking versions of our glass and styrene, which block out 99% of UV rays which cause fading and sun damage to your artwork.



All frames are finished with fixed metal tabs and sealed with tape to protect the inside from dust and dirt.  For small frames we attach d-rings and wire for hanging, for large frames we use 'sawtooth' hangers - instructions for hanging are included.


Our frames are packaged in our workshop and delivered straight to you (by us personally).  We are committed to reducing our packaging waste, and particularly the use of ‘single use’ bubble wrap, so wherever possible we use recycled and/or recyclable materials to protect your frame on its short journey from the workshop to you.