A quick and easy guide to hanging a frame

How high should I hang it?

Well this is entirely up to you, what will look right will depend on a few things - your ceiling height, the furniture and the other frames on the wall for example. But as a general guide you want to hang a frame so that the centre of the picture is at eye level -  58"/147cm from the floor is the standard for art galleries.

What if it's part of a group of frames?

There are many tricks to hanging a balanced frame cluster or gallery wall but start with thinking of the whole collection as one object - the centre of the group should sit at eye level (see above).

I don't have any wire on my picture - what are these weird square hooks?

If your frame is large we will have used sawtooth hangers. We use these for lots of reasons; they support the weight of the frame, you don't need to worry about the wire sagging, and they keep the frame nice and level on the wall. 

To hang the frame you just need to put two hooks/screws level on the wall the correct distance apart. Here's a quick easy method:

1. Choose where you want your picture, and make a small mark on the wall where you would hang a central hook (see above). 

2. Now take some masking tape and stretch it between the two hangers on the back of the frame. Make two marks on the tape where the centre of the hangers are (you don't have to be too precise - the sawtooth hangers allow for a bit of side-to-side adjusting).

3. Put the masking tape on the wall. Use a spirit level to check it's straight (there's one on your iPhone in the extras folder).

4. Put two screws or hooks where the marks on the tape are.

5. Take the tape off and hook your frame on. 

helen redstone